Custom Planner and DIY Project

Custom Planner and DIY Project
So this past weekend, I went to Michaels and got a new planner by Recollections. They had different colored binders (brown, black, and white), covers for the binders, and different books to put in the binders. Some of the books they had were: journal, schedule, calendar, menu, travel, budget, to do. I ended up getting schedule, journal, and to do. I also got some stickers and dividers for it as well. I knew I wanted to use this for blogging so I figured those would fit my needs the best.

They came in notebook style books for each book. They were pre punched, however, I didn’t like how it looked because of the book binding. It made it look too split up. So I decided to take apart the binding and put together a custom planner. It took me about 45 minutes to do it all but the end result is amazing. I also made a few extra dividers for it and am excited to make more stuff to put in this binder. I can’t wait to start using it and filling it up with a bunch of ideas for my blog.

Do you use a planner for your blog? Did you make your own or buy a planner?

Custom Planner and DIY Project

Custom Planner and DIY Project

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Her Network

In September of 2013 I had this idea to open up a website where female bloggers can network and meet other bloggers. It was going really well and then the activity stopped. However, recently, I have decided to bring it back to life. Her Network has a special place in my heart and I’m looking forward to it taking off and becoming something special for all of us.

I’m posting this here because we’re looking for help! We’re looking for forum moderators and blog post contributors. If you like to blog about blogging, this could be a perfect opportunity for you. Some blog posts that you could write about are blog post ideas, tutorials, articles, resources, and freebies. If this sounds like something you’d like to do, please comment here and let me know and I’ll contact you or you can use our form here. By being a contributor, you get free advertising on Her Network as well.

However, if helping isn’t really your thing and you’d just like to network and meet fellow bloggers, please join our community! Here is some information about Her Network (taken from our about page) and an introduction video I made.

Her Network is a community where female bloggers can come together and meet fellow bloggers. At our forums, you can post your latest blog posts, find sponsors, and much more. On our blog, you can learn ways to boost your blog or just read some articles about blogging. My hope for Her Network is to become a big community with opportunities for future meets up, working with companies, and much more. We are always looking for help, so if you’re interested, please contact us. Thanks for visiting and we hope you join our community.

Weekend Adventures

So Nikki of Boba + Pearls and I are really good friends in real life. I hadn’t seen her since our last meet up and we’ve been trying to get together for a long time. She recently had another baby so it’s been a bit harder to just meet up like we used to but we were finally able to on Saturday! It was a last minute thing but we definitely had fun. I finally got to meet baby brother and see Birdie again!

We started at Joann’s, walked to Home Goods/TJ Maxx, went to Panda Express for an early dinner, went to Old Navy, grabbed some boba, then went to Target. We were ready to call it a night but then decided to make a last minute trip to Michael’s. I’m so glad we went to Michael’s because I got this awesome planner (look out for a blog post on that). It was just a fun day spending time with Nikki and her kids and catching up.

Surprisingly, the only picture we took was of our boba. We were having such a good time that we didn’t take too many photos so we’ll have to save that for next time!


What’d you do this weekend?