Evening With Nikki


So Nikki and I hung out Saturday evening and had a great time. We always do have a great time when we hang out together. It was a last minute thing but it was nice seeing her and the kiddos. We met up at Joann’s and just walked around. I was looking for a cutting mat for my Silhouette but they didn’t have it.

After that, we were hungry and decided to head on over to Little Madfish. I had a bento box and Nikki agot shumai, takoyaki, and a popcorn scallop roll. Everything was delicious. After dinner, we headed to Tapioca Express and got some boba of course!


We weren’t quite ready to go home at this point (it was around 10PM), so we decided to go to Target and walk around. I had been wanting some Flairs for a while so I picked some up and can’t wait to start using them. I love hanging out with her and the kiddos and hopefully we can do it again soon! I still want to check out Sno-Crave with her.


What did you do this weekend? Hope you had a great time!

Fourth of July Fun


So my family came into town over Fourth of July weekend and we got to explore San Francisco. They arrived the evening of July 2 and we picked them up from the airport and went to dinner. We started heading to San Francisco on July 3. That day we took BART and explored China Town and decided on taking one of those hop on/hop off bus tours. Apparently there was something wrong with one of the buses and it made the other buses a lot more packed. They didn’t even check our ticket so we decided to start early on July 4 and use our ticket again.

That day we decided to take the ferry and when we arrived at Pier 41, we ate brunch at Boudin. I had the bread bowl with clam chowder and it was delicious. After that, we did the Golden Gate Bridge tour and also the downtown tour. It was fun.

By the time the tour was done, we decided to do some shopping and then we had already worked up an appetite for dinner. We ate at the Crab House on Pier 39. We got crab, shrimp, and mussels. I just ate the crab. When we finished, we got in line for the ferry (because there was only one ferry going out after the fireworks and we wanted to make sure we were on it). The fireworks started around 9:30. It was okay, but it was so foggy (typical San Francisco weather), that we could barely see the fireworks. It was a fun experience though considering I haven’t done that since we moved up here in 2008.

Family left July 5 and I was so tired, I just slept that day. I miss them already though!

What did you do for Fourth of July?

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Sorry for not blogging in forever! I’ve been kind of busy with a ton of stuff but then not really busy if that makes sense. My mom was in the hospital for 2 weeks in May and it kind of just threw my blogging schedule off track. It’s also hard doing stuff on my own since it’s just me now. Family came into town a couple of times, but it was still just me 85% of the time. My mom is doing better now but still not 100%. I just hope she gets there soon.

During my time off from work (while my mom was in the hospital), I took some time for myself. I met up with Nikki a few times and did some shopping. We both really got into planners lately and I have an addiction to Happy Planner and Erin Condren now (use my EC link to get $10 off your first purchase). I’ll be posting more about my planner stuff soon.

Family came into town over the holiday as well and I’ll do a separate post about that. I just wanted to check in and say hi! Hoping to get back into the swing of things again. Missed blogging!